PEACE CLUB's mission

PEACE CLUB trains youth football players, young men and women, boys and girls,
in the virtues which build sportsmanship. When practiced off the field
that spirit of sportsmanship helps to build community and make peace.

VIDEO: Coaches and Players in Jordan
share about their experience with Champions in Life

Our upcoming project will introduce Champions in Life
to coaches from the pan Arab countries...


Over the last 15 years the work of PEACE CLUB / Play Football Make Peace has been important.
In 2004-2005 over 175,000 people were introduced to “peace through soccer” in the 35 project countries through TV programs, newspaper articles, radio spots, & word of mouth.From 2005-2009 over 9,500 youth were taught principles of peace through workshops and tournaments in Canada, Jordan, Spain and Estonia.2013-2019 PEACE CLUB projects in Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine and Qatar have led to 29,500+ youth players being trained in the Champions In Life virtues and peace education.

The youth players who adopt Champions In Life are amazing! When youth, both young men (60%) and young women (40%), joined Eden Academy, the PEACE CLUB “incubator” program in Amman, Jordan, they joined knowing the primary goal of Eden Academy is the emphasis on virtues, as well as learning basic football skills. Virtues training transformed their lives. It provided the building blocks through which the players’ character and the character of the team developed.Virtues training changes the way the players play, the way they explore teamwork, and the way they see opportunities ahead. Their character is seen during the game while playing football, but is also seen in how the players behave in their families, in their schools, and in their communities. The youth themselves are proof that training in virtues actually works.

And, the behaviour of Champions In Life players and graduates is being noticed! School principals and community leaders speak highly of the transformation they see in the youth. In football matches, the character that the Champions In Life players exhibit in the game has won awards. Jordan has proven to be a special country where the Champions In Life training could take root in the Middle East.Now PEACE CLUB has carried the vision further introducing the program to coaches from 12 Arab League countries. A partnership has been built with PACES which runs after school programs in Palestine. Every week they reach up to 10,000 boys and girls with the Champions In Life virtues. In 2018 Champions In Life was introduced in Oman. Already in 2019 there have been further programs in Oman, and in October 2019 the Champions In Life workshop was introduced to the Qatar Football Association and 27 of their football coaches. Qatar will be the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The 11 virtues Peace Club participants learn in the Champions in Life training are:

read more about Champions In Life here...

What has SPORTSMANSHIP got to do with peace?

Good SPORTSMANSHIP exhibited by players in the game is PEACEMAKING.
The character which comes with good "sportsmanship" can then be taken and practiced off the field.
The students and graduates of the Champions in Life program internalize the virtues through football
and then continue to behave honorably in their communities and, hopefully, throughout their lives!
Play Football Make Peace!

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⚽⚽⚽ Since 2011, PEACE CLUB has been working with the academy of our head trainer, Walid Abu Shanab. The Eden Football Academy in Amman, Jordan has been an "incubator" for the Champions In Life program, helping to develop and expand the program. The academy has grown from a small group of ten to twenty youth and now has 100 boys and girls. It is now talked about and recognized throughout Amman.... not only because of the football ability of its players, but because of their character and behaviour, both on and off the field. This gets them noticed in school, in after school activities and in their communities.⚽⚽⚽ Most of these young boys and girls will not end up being “champions” in football ( playing in the Jordanian Football League or for the national team). They will continue to go to school, go on to college, have jobs, get married etc. What can they learn through the game that can help them be successful in life? To become "champions"... champions in life itself.⚽⚽⚽ Champions In Life promotes SPORTSMANSHIP and the behaviours of sportsmanship, which can be understood as peacemaking. It all begins inside each and every person. Sportsmanship is how you handle yourself, how you respond to others, and how you influence the world around you. Easy to say, but obviously very hard to put into practice. All manner of breakdowns can occur to knock people off balance. How to navigate one's way through life? Champions In Life has answers.⚽⚽⚽ Champions In Life introduces coaches to a system of virtues which helps them to develop their players, who transform the way they think, act and feel. Virtues may sound "old-fashioned" at first, but in reality, virtues are the building blocks to becoming a complete person.⚽⚽⚽ PEACE CLUB working with coaches in Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine and Qatar, provides them with “a road map” for them to train their players in how to grow and flourish within the sport and within life.⚽⚽⚽ In October, 2019 PEACE CLUB worked with coaches from the Qatar Football Association and introduced them to the Champions In Life program.

Player Ahmad Al-Lidawi (Date of Birth 24/3/2004)Ahmad is one of the Eden Football Academy players who has participated in the Champions in Life project from the beginning. His parents have seen that his attitude has changed a lot; also his school teachers say that they have noticed that Ahmad likes to help everyone and he has a lot of friends. Ahmad said, “After participating in the Champions in Life project, it became very clear for me that virtues are more important than anything else in my life, and I started to apply these virtues in my daily life. I am very happy and I feel peace in my heart all the time."By the way, everyone has noticed the changes in Ahmad’s life.For Eden Academy coaches, Ahmad was chosen as the Player of the Year, 2018. He showed good attitude and behavior, and a lot of positive changes.